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Enrollment for 2018 begins mid-December 2017

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Enrollment for 2018 begins mid-December 2017
by Admin User - Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 11:22 PM

Enrollment for 2018 begins mid-December on

We are working to have the basics of this new online instruction system ready for the introductory courses for you to enroll in some of our 2018 courses, somewhere around mid-December 2017.

Right now you can only browse the course offerings to a limited extent.

These classes have been available in various formats offline for years, but are just now being uploaded to the online platform, so it is going to take some time to get all of the courses up and running. We have around 100 classes we can offer.

You can register an account today for basic platform access.

When enrollment is enabled, you will need to have a registered account.

You will then go through the payment process (card, paypal, etc.), and once payment is fully processed, you will be enrolled in the course.

Some of the courses will be available in January, while others will be later in the year.

Course schedules are being nailed down still, based on instructor availability, but should begin to be listed publicly around mid-December as well, hopefully around December 15th or so.

This may be overly optimistic considering the complexity of this system, but it is our target date, so please watch for announcements letting you know you can register and pay for the courses coming up in January.

Most likely just the introductory courses will initially be available for enrollment, with the intermediate and advanced courses becoming available later.

We will keep posting updates, and any changes to this plan, as we get closer.

Happy Gaming!

-Hawke Robinson

President & Founder, RPG Therapeutics LLC.