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How are classes delivered?

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How are classes delivered?
by Admin User - Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 11:29 PM

Classes are a combination of:

  • Recorded videos
  • Periodic live interactive sessions with live Q&A via chatroom, audio/video broadcast
  • Slides
  • Interactive group forum discussions, assignments, and projects (think play by post).
  • Written assignments
  • Online quizzes
  • Online tests (accommodations can be made for those people with disabilities that have trouble with the online format and prefer audio/video live approach)
  • Online projects
  • Community programs (either online or local to the student)
  • Interactive game sessions (at higher level courses)
  • Other types of interactive assignments (at higher course levels), etc.

Since many students are scattered across all the time zones of the world, whenever feasible for the instructor, the live sessions are staggered and/or repeated as appropriate. Many assignments will have a 48 hour time window to allow people in all time zones to have sufficient time for response and interaction.

Live session scheduling depends on the schedules of the students actually enrolled in the specific course, so that reasonable accommodations are attempted by the instructor to include all enrolled students.

A combination of Moodle, Discord, Skype, Youtube, email, and other technologies are used for delivery.

There are quite a few people interested throughout Europe and Asia, so these schedule considerations are a priority concern.