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Enrollment for course RPG-099-01 Introduction to RPGs Begins December 17th 5:00 pm

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Enrollment for course RPG-099-01 Introduction to RPGs Begins December 17th 5:00 pm
by Admin User - Tuesday, 2 January 2018, 10:56 PM
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Enrollment for the Introductory RPG-99-01 course is available as of Sunday, December 17th, 5:00 pm (Pacific Time). Payment is not required for enrollment prior to the course starting. Payment is required to access the course content. Classes begin (aka course content is available to  students) January 8th, 2018. See the section at the end of this announcement for information on course payment.

You may self-enroll in a valid course once you have a verified, registered account on this website.

You can now also join our Discord Chat server for real-time discussion if you have questions about the courses, or feel free to email: education at rpgedu dot com.  If someone is not immediately available to answer, please post your question(s) anyway, and someone will respond as quickly as possible. You can also log back in later to see the responses.

The courses now available have been offered in-person for about a decade. We are now trying to move the equivalent of more than 100 courses to an online offering. For introductory courses this will make many of the beginner courses much more affordable and better able to scale to meet the currently overwhelming demand.

Generally RPG-99-01 is a required introductory course for everyone that has not been through prior RPG Therapeutics LLC training, or the volunteer training at RPG Research. It is extremely high level but very much a foundation upon which everything else builds.

The course content will be accessible to enrolled and payment verified students on January 8th at Midnight (Pacific Time).

For the introductory courses the online versions are far less expensive than the in-person courses. For example this course is normally $200+ in-person, at facilities, etc, which does include the final testing fee.

The in-person cost for this course is $200, but the online version is only $25 for the introductory summary courses. This is because the online format frees up the instructor so much more, once the course is fully ready.

There is a lot of up-front time and expense in creating the courses, but the hope is the lower cost will make up for that in numbers over time. These introductory courses are mostly lecture based, while the intermediate and higher courses are more hands-on projects and workshop based. So it will be more challenging to lower costs for the higher level courses.

We have several courses becoming available over the next few weeks. It will take many, many, months for the 100+ courses to all be available online. I will get them online as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience, I know a lot of you have been waiting for this for a very long time. Here is where you can check out the growing Course Catalog (77 courses as of 20171217) that are being uploaded:

Some of these courses were one large, long class. Based on feedback from in-person students, we've been breaking them into much smaller, more manageable chunks, while still trying to make the training as affordable as possible.

These courses are based on more than 35 years of RPG experience, more than 30 years of technology experience, 20+ years of educational instruction experience, and more than a decade of experience in therapeutic recreation, neuroscience, and research psychology.

We also received requests from some students that only want to take the course, are not planning on professional certification, and so are not interested in taking the final test for passing the course, and asked that we waive the testing fee.

So the $25 course fee does _not_ include the testing fee. It does include a certificate stating you took and paid for the course, and completed all the steps, but not that you passed the final test. There are a number of quizzes throughout the course that you must pass at 100% before you can proceed to the next section.

For those wishing to receive the certificate indicating they actually _passed_ the course final with a 90% or better, there is a separate $25 testing fee. Some of the Professional RPG certifications require these certificates as prerequisites to taking the professional certification test. So it is worthwhile for those working toward a certification to take the course final.

This $25 fee assumes you can take the test in person. We are trying to figure out an affordable method to allow everyone to take the tests online, while preventing cheating. Proctors are a common method, but we do not yet have information on that, nor how much added cost they might incur. All of our tests for the past decade or so, have been in-person.

I will keep you posted on our progress in that area. I welcome any suggestions you may have for this particular challenge as we try to take everything online.

This website is extremely basic visually. I am putting all my energy into the content, rather than the eye candy. I hope you find that worth your while to have something dense in usefulness, rather than a lot of visually appealing fluff.

Finally, we're waiting on PayPal to finalize the online merchant services. This probably won't be completed until Monday or Tuesday this week. Once that is complete, then we can enable students to be able to pay for their courses. We're going with PayPal right now because that was the easiest at this stage. We are looking at other payment processor options to either add or replace, later. We needed to get something up with the minimal amount of time taken aware from working on the actual online courses.

We are considering a policy of letting people enroll before they pay, but they will not be able to access the course content until their payment has been processed. The same for the tests. We are hoping this provides the most flexibility and consideration for the students.

Thank you for your interest and patience. I am very much looking forward to your feedback with the upcoming course experience. I hope you are understanding about how challenging it is to move from the in-person courses to the online format, and welcome your feedback during the process.

-Hawke Robinson



The contents of this course will become accessible to Enrolled Students at the start date of this course.

Regarding most of the introductory courses, they are based on your progression, rather than mandating an artificial time constraint.

Everybody has different time availability, so it allows for more flexibility.

Some people will take only a few days, some a week or two at an hour a day or so. You will get anywhere from 30 to 120 days to complete the course at your leisure.

This allows people to go as shallow or deep as they wish, and be able to come back and re-reference information if they wish to refresh before the enrollment expires.

There are quizzes each step of the way to test how you are progressing.

You move on to the next session when your quiz is 100%.

You could cheat during the course if you wanted, but the point is to make sure you are getting the most out of the course now isn't it?

Only if you decide to the take the final test (added $25 testing fee for those wanting the test certificate and pass with 90% or better), would you need to have the test in person or with a proctor. Right now all tests are in-person, or by special arrangement over webcams. We hope to have a network of proctors in the future.

The more advanced courses require much more instructor hands on intervention. Since many of the more advanced courses have hands-on workshops the students much participate in. These workshops include playing and/or running RPG sessions while being guided/observed by instructor(s), so those do have more constrained time periods.



We are working on a better automated and integrated process, but for now, the payment process is more manual. We apologize for this process, and ask you to please be patient as we are still setting up all of these online tools.

Here is the current process for enrollment:

1. Self-enroll in this course. This will reserve your student "slot", but you will not yet be able to access the course content at the course start date, until your payment has been processed.

2. Click the PayPal button near the bottom of this page, you will be directed to a secure page to complete your purchase process.

3. Make a payment of $25 for this course. Or you may pay $30 for a full year of access to this course, or $50 for 2 years access, including any changes/updates to this course during that period.

4. When you receive confirmation that the payment has cleared, email support at rpgtherapeutics dot com to request your Access key, using the same email address you used to enroll.

5. We will verify the payment has cleared, and then your account for this class will be upgraded to full paid "Student".

6. When the Course State Date arrives, you will be able to take the classes.

7. Your enrollment for this course will be valid for 120 days if you wish to come back and review material.

8. Feel free to contact us for any questions, comments, problems, suggestions, etc. rpgtherapeutics at gmail dot com, or text/call: (USA): (509) 481-5437

9. You will see a charge on your card listed as either RPGTHERAPEU or RPG THERAPEUTICS LLC

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